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Is it made with toy building blocks? Is it a character out of a comic? Or a small domestic robot? Duii surprises and amuses due to its personality, starting with its name, inspired by one of Donald Duck's friendly nephews. The base also recalls a duck's foot, but it can also be used as a convenient trinket tray. The articulated arm, held together by wing screws like bits of Meccano, supports a rounded body with a diffuser, a shape that in turn recalls a multitude of memories and inspirations: retro car headlights, a workman's hard hat but also the Mohican style shaved head of the Diesel brand. Adjustable arm and lampshade.

Material: Pressed glass,aluminium,steel and laquered metal
Weight: net kg: 4,10 - gross kg: 6,30
Bulbs: halogen
Energy Class: C

Glass Metal
Diesel - DUII TAVOLO,  - Table Lighting - Image 1
Diesel - DUII TAVOLO,  - Table Lighting - Image 2
Diesel - DUII TAVOLO,  - Table Lighting - Image 3
Diesel - DUII TAVOLO,  - Table Lighting - Image 4